First Bit of Audio

This is not a podcast episode, this is only a test.  Well, not even a test, really.  Think of it as a teaser, or perhaps a proof of concept. I’m nailing down the details for the first full episode, but I wanted to get recording and get something into the feed to make sure everything is working.

And hey, if you have your own podcast and wanted to use this as a commercial, feel free!

What is Beyond the Web?

BeyondTheWebLogoHey there, Drew Beatty here with you. You might know me from such Podiobooks as Lost Gods, or White Trash Land.  Some of you might be wondering what it is with me and spiders, others might just be wondering what is Beyond the Web? Still others might be clicking on their back buttons, hoping they haven’t missed anything interesting on Twitter or Facebook. In a nutshell, it is the story behind the story. The story of Spider-Man, to be exact.

Now, it’s not going to be a simple linear history. I’m not going to be explaining what was happening in the Marvel offices at any given time. What I hope to do is take a look at the historical context of the time. What was going in in America, and the world, when Spider-Man began his adventures. What what happening in film, the arts, music and the news that could have influenced the adventures? How often did our real world event  cross over into Earth 616?

This will take the form of a podcast, every month or so.  The first episode will drop early this summer.  Until then, I remain, your Drew Beatty.